Lal Jomi actually translates into Red Land in Hindi. The name originates from the area in which the restaurant is based. The restaurant takes great pride in working alongside other local businesses and charities within the area.


Our vision is to create the most exquisite Fine Indian Dining experience where quality is never compromised.


At Lal Jomi we take great pride in providing an exceptional personal service. The mood, ambience and atmosphere are expertly crafted to exude class and glamour with the perfect ambience and tasteful décor to give diners both a unique and memorable dining experience.


We pride ourself as an establishment on preparing fresh food with the finest naturally produced ingredients. The team of skilled chefs at Lal Jomi use no artificial colorants, E numbers or additives and go above and beyond, to ensure that each customer is able to taste the finest cuisine. The result is subtle, clean and refined dishes but still generously infused with classic Indian flavours.


With elegant surroundings, a warm friendly atmosphere, helpful waiting staff and the finest Indian cuisine make your reservation now at Lal Jomi.

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